Call us for affordable plumbing repair services that don't skimp on quality. West coast plumbing service is experienced in installing state certified automatic shut off valves and seismic shut off valves. These are gas shutoff valves automatically shut off gas when triggered by a seismic event. These Gas shutoff valves are highly recommended for homeowners just in case an earthquake causes the gas line to leak.

The cost of installing Gas shutoff valves is not that high considering it can help prevent the loss of lives and additional damage costs in the event of a gas leak Does anyone know when the next big earthquake will strike? Nobody knows for sure but there is something you and your family can purchase for around $350 that will save you $500,000 and might prevent your house going up in flames, or even exploring and in the process preventing you from losing everything you have ever worked all your life for. For $350 the Earthquake Shut-off Valve is peace of mind. This purchase called an "earthquake shut-off valve" is a little device that would fit in the palm of your hand. It is made of metal with two gas line fitting ends and a small ball inside that operates as a shut off valve. It must be installed on the building's gas house line piping, downstream of the utility point of delivery. It is designed to shut off the gas at a 5.4 or higher magnitude earthquake at the valve's location.