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It's heartbreaking to have to dig a trench right through someone's prized yard, driveway or paving. Luckily, with new trenchless technology, that may soon be a thing of the past! Trenchless technology, often referred to as "no dig", is a rapidly growing engineering industry. Trenchless technology provides cost-effective sewer asset management, while minimizing environmental damage. It involves pipe and sewer inspection, rehabilitation, and cleaning services.

"No dig" is exactly what it sounds like. There is no digging up of roadsor landscaping to replace gas and water pipes. Trenchless services include:

Pipe Lining:

The damaged pipe is lined with a permanent epoxy resin, or permaliner, that hardens to create a new pipe, solving your drain and sewer problems. This technology can save your existing pipes, thus saving you money. .

Pipe Bursting:

The old pipe is burst underground and a new continuous pipe with no joints is pulled through. If desired the new pipe can actually be of a slightly higher diameter than the old pipe. While trenchless technology is fairly new, our technicians have been ahead of the curve and learning these new methods since early in their development. We have the experience you need when hiring a trenchless technology crew.