Benefits of a Proper Sewer & Drain Clean Out Good sewer line health means fewer problems and therefore less service required. A sewer line cleanout installation involves putting a drainage pipe in place that allows access to a plumbing snake, jetting service or other manner of clearing a line. Without such an installation, it can be difficult—or sometimes impossible—to reach the sewer or drain stoppage.

Westcoast Plumbing Inc is dedicated to giving you the best service at the best price with the least intrusion into your home or business. We guarantee that we will solve your plumbing problems. If you are experiencing a backup in a sink, tub, shower or toilet, a gurgling toilet, slow draining sinks, tubs or showers or any backup of water

outside the structure, you will probably benefit from a sewer line cleanout installation Having a proper sewer line cleanout installed

  • May prevent flooding inside home or business
  • Easier to locate the sewer line
  • Makes stoppages accessible to full-size blades and cables
  • Closer to stoppage with fewer turns, giving cable added strength for better cleaning
  • No messy drain cables and machines inside your home
  • Enables access by Hydro Jet if needed
  • Provides proper access for camera inspection
  • Lower “per stoppage” cost